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MAP The Path to Success

MAP The Path to Success

Motivated Accountable Performance

This powerpoint slide program proposes that

Success is always tied to one’s

Motivation of heart, soul, mind and body
Accountability of heart, soul, mind and body
Performance of heart, soul, mind and body

Key Words to watch for and define for yourself throughout this program

Motivated … Accountable … Performance … Success Heart … Soul … Mind … Body … Faith … Truth ... Imagine … Attitude … Fulfill … Self-control … Identity ... Perception … Choice … Influence … Heaven … Peace ... Joy … Perspective … Habit … Discovery … Change ... Timing … Productivity … Purpose … Celebration ... Responsibility … Acceptance … Action

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From slide number 14:

Your emplower:
- wants you to be motivated to work
- requires that you perform well on the job
- will hold you accountable for your performance

does your employer care about you being successful in ALL areas of your life?

From Slide number 15:

A wise employer cares about you being successful in all areas because, regardless of the masks we wear, or the walls we build to try to hide behind, every area of our life is influenced by other areas.

From Slide number 27:

Who Do I Become Now?

Are you still becoming?
- How many identities have been yours so far?
- How many identities did you choose in the past?
- How many identities have been chosen for you?
- Is there within you someone who is yet to be?

From Slide number 73:


Please do not confuse knowledge and wisdom. 
Both are needful. 
However, unlimited knowledge will have very limited benefit for you if you do not have the wisdom, or have access to the wisdom, that can help you know how to use your knowledge!

From Slide number 84:

Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed.
- Booker T. Washington

From Slide number 122:

Beyond your CHOICES, and even more important, perhaps…

is your ATTITUDE about the CHOICES you have made

as well as your ATTITUDE about those CHOICES

that have been made for you.

Please do not confuse the two.

Moments of CHOICE come on us like lightning.

ATTITUDE sets in more like

a long debilitating drought

or a profitable harvest season.

Always, choice rules, however.

CHOICE builds the home in which ATTITUDE live.

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