written & hosted by Mary Jane Holt

Reaching to touch the world with a WORD of HOPE...

-  Mary Jane Holt

Mary Jane Holt...


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About Mary Jane Holt (MJ) ...

MJ has an innate ability to effectively connect!  
A while back, MJ retired early from a nursing career to "just write." 
That career change would lead to a long-running newspaper column, community health magazine, books and workshops. 
MJ has received numerous awards and honors for her inspirational writing and health education efforts. 
Today, as a radio host, motivational speaker, born encourager and workshop facilitator, she still sometimes aspires to "just write." 

Mary Jane Holt is the author of :

- From the Corners of my Heart
- Leaves of Encouragement
- You Are Somebody and I am, too! (the book)
- You Are Somebody and I am, too! (the workshop)
- What IS Love?
- Malignant Emotion 
- BRAZILBILLY, The JesseLee Jones Story
- Thousands of columns and feature articles

AND soon to come: Reach to Touch (Book One)

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